The enemy lies within...


... Deep inside a big modern city a monster we thought was legend is prowling. At night, a creature that is half man half beast possesses the body of a host. Imagine a pure savage instinct taking control, leaving you in the morning only with the memories of its crimes. Are they really its crimes or are they yours ? Where is the limit between man and beast ? How can anyone overcome this guilt? When facing the unknown, the main characters of this story, Véron and Gwenarth, try to survive and as they slowly lose their landmarks




Character : Véron / Date : January 13th / Colour : blood red

Véron is an estate agent, he is in his thirties. On this night, he comes back to his house in the suburbs after a day's work. Suzanne, his wife, and Olivia, his daughter, welcome him. Véron does not seem well: he's coughing and has temperature. He goes to his study to have a rest. He feels his head is about to burst out. A howl resounds...




Character: Gwenarth / Date : February 16th / Colour : illusion blue

Gwenarth is a police inspector. On this night, she is hanging around at a kebab restaurant owned by her friend Karim. A wanted notice has been issued for Tsui Kö, a con man. A huge amount money has been promised by Mah Jong in exchange for his capture. Tsui Kö enters the restaurant as Gwen is chatting with Karim. She attempts arresting the criminal but he escapes. She runs after him...




Character : Véron / Date : March 28th / Colour : werewolf brownish

Weighed down, Véron attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself out of the top of a bridge. His memories flash. He remembers the weeks spent at Harvey's. Disbelieving, Harvey does not believe his friend could have slaughtered the family he loved so much. He is hiding Véron from the police then runs some tests on him. He discovers a virus in his blood that he tries to cure...




Character : Gwenarth / Date : April 5th / coulour : medical green

At the hospital, Gwen recovers from the injuries she received from the werewolf. David Lance, her team mate, visits her. She tells him the doctors have diagnosed an unknown disease. Like a cancer, the disease quickly develops and she only has 9 months left to live. Lance awkwardly tries to give her support...




Character : Véron / Date : May 12th / coulour : rusty orange

During the evening, in a wasteland, two tramps, Miro and Rambo, are chatting alongside a bonfire. Véron appears: half transformed, he is monstrous. With nowhere to go, he has become a swagman. Rambo gets frightened and runs away. Miro, having bad sight, invites Véron to sit down. Véron regrets his recovering being not complete. He knows a cure exists but is afraid to go to his doctor...




Character : Gwenarth / Date : June 30th / coulour : sépia

Gwenarth is depressing. Her body is decaying little by little. Her phone rings. Mah Jong, local underground boss, sets up a meeting to give her the bonus promised to whomever would arrest Tsui Kö. Disillusioned and in need to get out of her torpor, Gwenarth decides to go there. Mah Jong appears to have decided to tell Gwenarth a legend from his country.




Characters: Véron / Date: July 12 / Couleur: Aconit Yellow

Looking for a way to rein in the monster, Véron goes to Harvey's medical cabinet. There he finds some aconit, a product which would allow him to totally control his body. But things don't happen as expected. A chase starts




Character : Gwenarth / Date : August 4th / coulour : pale bud red

After July's events, Gwen is in custody. Psychologically, she is at her lowest and her illness has spread : she has lost all her hair. Lance arrives and tells her that she is to be released immediately. The trail has been adjourned, partly due to the prisoner's health. Lance invites Gwen to his place to evaluate the situation. He has been investigating to understand who Véron Cassio really is...




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Character: Gwenarth / Date : October 26th / colour : spectral purple

Under the rain, Gwen is practicing rifle shooting on the rooftop of her building. Up to now, her tracking down of Véron has been a failure. She feels death approaching. Taken over by autumn's blues, she declines, numb with cold. She isolates herself. Between alcohol and medication madness is waiting...




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"Night fell and lasted a year."